Using Mirrors Effectively

A Mirror can have many uses in a home. 

They can be simply to check out your look as you exit the house, they can be used as accents, to help distribute light around and for a myriad of other purposes.

Including a mirror in a popular design is a great way to incorporate trends without having to fully commit.

Using a Mirror in a Large Open Space

For major visual impact, lean a large beveled mirrormirror against one bedroom wall. The reflection will make the entire room look and feel larger.
In addition, one can nearly double the light in a room; so don’t be afraid to let window light bounce off it.

Letting Light In

To make the most of natural light, place a reflective surface opposite a window in the bedroom.

Out of the Box

Try using one in an unexpected place, like behind your nightstand, for a look that adds interest without overwhelming.

Generate Depth

Using a large mirror in the bedroom not only creates the look of more space, it also adds depth and appeals to the overall aesthetic.

Double Up

Multiple mirrors in varying shapes and sizes combine for a look that is fun, bright and not too fussy.  Antique Mirrors can be paired with more modern or even shabbily chic mirrors.

Functional Furniture

Create you own vanity table by simply placing a lovely cherished mirror on your favorite dresser, table or trunk.

Romantic Boudoir

beveled mirrorOpt for a sexy mirrored room divider instead of ceiling mirrors.
Placed in the corner, it exudes elegance and romance in a tasteful way.

Creative Thinking

Create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind headboard by using a large mirror with an interesting shape and delicate details.

Delicate Decor

Despite their function, mirrors can simply be used as beautiful decor and placed alongside other favorite objects for a fun, functional look.