19th Century Oil Portrait | Oil on Canvas | Signed: Jacob Hart Lazarus | B638A


19th Century Oil Portrait | Oil on Canvas | Signed: Jacob Hart Lazarus | B638A

Signed and Dated 1878
Original Gilt Frame
Oil on Canvas
Vibrant Colors
Provenance: Hy’s Restaurant, Ottawa, Canada

Image Size 25″w x 30″h
Overall 35″ x 40″
Shipping $285 by Canada Post

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19th Century Oil Portrait

This 19th Century Oil Portrait is a Framed Oil on Canvas of a Gentleman believed to be from New York, painted in 1878.  The painting is signed Jacob Hart Lazarus and dated from 1878.

It is an all original Half Length 19th_century_oil_portraitPortrait in a gilt frame.

One painting by Jacob Hart Lazarus now hangs in the Met Museum in New York City.  It was painted the year previous to our example here and features Joseph W. Drexel: a banker, philanthropist and book collector and quite a prominent person of the time.

Of his childhood, it is written that Jacob Hart Lazarus was quite impoverished, but that later he “became wealthy through his brush.”

Jacob Hart Lazarus was known as a painter of portraits, figures, genre and history subjects, and he also did miniatures.  He appears to have spent his entire career in New York City where he studied portraiture with Henry Inman and attended the school of the National Academy of Design*.

In 1850, he was elected to Associate membership of the Academy, and from 1841 to 1865, he was a regular exhibitor at Academy annual exhibitions. Other exhibition venues were the Pennsylvania Academy*, Brooklyn Art Association* and Boston Atheneum.

At his eulogy of the Academy upon his death in 1891, his general success was recognized.  He painted this portrait in 1878 and it is a fine example of the work of the artist in his most accomplished years.


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